Welcome to Red Dragon Labs.


I believe that life is an infinite expanse of experiences full of problems and characters worth keeping an open mind about.

Red Dragon Labs is my personal vehicle of continuous growth - an excuse that allows me to take guilty pleasure in learning about ever new things in our world.



Train the strongest monsters to stay by your side as you climb the Tower! Engage in real-time combat that tests your reactions and strategy - only the most skillful trainers will survive. Hatch monster eggs you find in the tower to expand your team of monsters - but be careful! Die in the Tower and everything you've collected will vanish.

Explore, collect, fight and evolve - will you be the next monster master?

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Eddie is currently a Product Manager at Facebook and graduated with honors from Dartmouth College in 2013 with a double-major in Economics and Computer Science. He also graduated from Phillips Academy Andover in 2009.

Before Facebook he spent time in computer animation at Curious Pictures, the Nickelodeon-affiliate studio behind The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, in corporate development at The Walt Disney Company, in quantitative credit trading and global arbitrage trading at Citigroup in Hong Kong, and in technology mergers and acquisitions at The Blackstone Group. He also founded an educational mobile gaming company called Knogick while in college.

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